Yale Gerstein Lab

  • 1. Requirements for the format of category datasets
          The input should be a TAB delimited TEXT file. This category dataset is a classification of YEAST genes, which are represented by their ORF names. In the file, one category is written in only one line, with its name at the beginning, followed by the genes within this category.
  • 2.Simple example: genes classified by their localization
          cyt YAL003W YAL004W YAL005C YAL012W YAL013W ...
          nuc YAL001C YAL019W YAL021C YAL025C YAL033W ...
          er YAL030W YAL043C YAR062W YAR071W YBL036C ...
          mt YAL044C YAL054C YAL061W YBL013W YBL022C ...
  • 3. Other complete category datasets:
          Expression Level Classification Data
          Protein Size Classification Data
          Essentiality Classification Data
          MIPS Function Class