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Topology of Networks
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  • What is TopNet?
  •     TopNet is an automated web tool designed to calculate topological parameters and compare different sub-networks for any given network. TopNet takes as an input an arbitrary undirected network and a group of node classes to create sub-networks. Then, it computes all topological parameters mentioned above and draws the power-law degree distribution for each sub-network. TopNet also enables the user to explore the complex networks part by part. First, all first neighbors of a certain node could be shown in a simple graph. Second, after the user defines two nodes of interest and a maximum path length, the sub-network between these two nodes with all the nodes on the paths within the maximum path length will be drawn in an independent graph.
  • Start to use TopNet
  • Click here to upload your own datasets   Upload your own dataset here. Both category datasets and interaction dataset can be accepted    
    Click here to calculate the topology parameters   Calculate the topology parameters: diameter, average links and clustering coefficient. The data to be calculated can be freely selected from given datasets or datasets uploaded by the user.    example
    Click here to navigate the network   Navigate within the interaction networks. Report all the neighbors of one node. Links from different interaction datasets are seperated by different colors.    example
    Click here to search the paths   Visualize all the possible paths of every two nodes. The maximum length of the paths is defined by the user.    example
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    Last updated: 06/10/2004